As we crawl out of the global pandemic, many of us are balancing elements of the life we’ve grown used to in the last two years and are gradually moving back to our pre-pandemic lifestyle. This struggle is present in our health fitness life. The pandemic changed how we keep fit, with many of us shifting to home-based exercises.

As such, whether you are on a weight loss journey or looking for a personal trainer, you can rest assured that the following fitness trends will influence how you work out.

Top 7 Fitness Trends We’ll See This Year

1). Hybrid Memberships

As much as the world is slowly getting back to normality, working from home is still a massive part of our lives. Many employees haven’t gone back to work in their offices. Consequently, many gym members are still working out in their home gyms during work breaks. 

At the same time, many gym members also want to access the typical services such as personal training classes, fitness programs, and fitness apps that come with a gym membership. This has given rise to hybrid membership, with members accessing digital fitness services virtually while also working out at home.

2). Increased Access To Gym Facilities 

Coming off a global pandemic characterised by mass stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, people are raring to resume an active lifestyle. This means there is an increased number of gym members interested in accessing the facilities in the evening, night, and early morning. 

The onus is on gym owners to enable access to their facilities 24/7. Modern gym access control systems can help in this regard. Such systems are designed to automate access control to gym facilities and control access to various points in the gyms. Additionally, these systems use biometric, password or access codes, or app-based access control systems to control the facilities. Whether gym members want to exercise in the middle of the day or night, they can access the gym.

3). Incorporating New Exercising Equipment 

As is the case every year, where there is a piece of trending exercise equipment, 2022 is no different. By all accounts, weighted hula hoops will increase in popularity and continue trending, at least in 2022. 

Unlike the hula hoops, we played with during our childhood, a weighted hoop has added weight that makes using it a tad more challenging. It can exercise your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system and test your coordination.

4). Smart Home Gym

With more people working from home, there is an increased demand for quality gym equipment to cater to home exercise. Smart home gym equipment will undoubtedly trend this year as more people look into getting the most out of exercising at home.  

Consequently, you can expect more brands to venture into this space. Additionally, brands like Peloton, with a presence in the intelligent home gym equipment market, will continue to innovate, bringing new equipment into the market.

Fitness Trends 2022

5). Increased Focus On Mental Health

Mental health has come to the fore in light of a global pandemic, struggling economies, and global security challenges. While exercising has historically been touted to improve our physical health, the essential benefits of exercising for mental health have come to the fore in recent months. As such, more and more people are looking for ways to ease and manage depression, anxiety, and stress. Exercise has become favoured by many as a way to combat mental illnesses and increase self-esteem.

Many people are now combining elements of physical activity such as tai chi, yoga, and regular exercises with meditation to improve their mental wellbeing.

6). Technology-Enhanced Exercising Experience

Like all other industries, the fitness industry will incorporate more technology into exercise routines and experiences. For instance, the public is likely to embrace VR fitness and game-related exercise, even more, introducing a new dimension to our exercise routines. 

Incorporating virtual reality will help those who find little motivation to head to and stay in the gym and spend more time working out by introducing adventure to their exercise routines. VR workouts such as boxing and skiing are already popular. As more exercise gaming apps hit the market, we expect the public to access more sports that offer different challenges.

On the technology front, we can also expect enhanced integration of wearable technology into our daily lives and exercise practices. The constant innovation in the smartwatches space will bring users new capabilities and more data tracking, making the technology a focal point for tracking how well we exercise.

7). High-Intensity Interval Training 

HIIT training is gaining popularity. HIIT training became incredibly popular during lockdown months, and as people get back to their pre-pandemic routines, it remains popular. 

It involves bursts of intense resistance training, taking short rests between sets. The goal is to push your muscles, increase your heart rate, and engage your entire body.

Final Thoughts

Many of the health fitness trends for 2022 we’ll witness are occasioned by the prevailing changes. Coming at the tail end of the global pandemic, many of the top fitness trends indicate that people are looking forward to getting back to normality. However, there is also an indication that people have gotten used to working from home and exercising at home or engaging in outdoor activities.

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