That’s people sneaking in behind another…..  it’s a BIG Issue

The biggest scourge of 24/7 systems are those that abuse it and sneak others in under the guise of darkness or when there is no staff onsite.  Our research in talking with a number of business owners of 24/7 systems over the past couple of years has confirmed that all have concerns about the loss of revenue and liability issues of those that sneak others in.

The message was loud and clear, any solution must be simple to operate, quick to review and provide statistics of effectiveness.

And now with Covid-19 accountability tracking requirements, tailgate detection forces all members to use their access card and register into the site.  It is designed to pick up husband/wife, workout mates etc that turn up at the same time and slip in together.  Even though they are valid members, they wont get recorded onsite to meet insurance and Covid requirements.  Our tailgate system can alert them when used in conjunction with our announcement system.

Tailgate Detection Verification, a Revolutionary Solution

InnerTelligence has unleashed its Door Guard with check in log and Tailgaters log as a Dashboard for use with software solutions that we integrate with.  

  • Tailgating System. this system uses a 3D camera to get an accurate perspective of people and items in the field of view.  When a member enters the club, the camera sees and tracks the movement until they cross the trigger lines pre configured by our team.  So we:
    • Monitor the card reader for activity
    • Compare card reads to ensure the user count is accurate and cards are unique.
    • Count the people that cross the line
    • Raise alarms if the count and users do not cancel out.
    • Provide a short cut on the dashboard so management can easily verify the footage associated to the alarm event.


We Listened….

In typical InnerTelligence fashion, we listened and came up with the solution.

We designed a simple click and display interface to make reviewing both club entries (check ins) and tailgate offences easy to review.  The ability to review any footage that still exists on the storage drive with a simple click and play is intuitive and ground breaking. …Simply Brilliant

The Pilot Phase

InnerTelligence piloted the DoorGuard in some key locations and the instant feedback was “this is a game changer”.  The frequent offenders list blew them away with comments like: this gives us an easy means to identify those members sneaking people into our clubs; and  we now have the easily displayed evidence needed to curtail the sneak in culture.  Selecting a repeat offender will bring up a list of all dates and times of offenses recorded for that offender, so now you can simply review each event one after the other.

It’s an “Outstanding” Result

No longer do the club managers of the test sites need to relate dates and times on an email to MXCC(Mobotix) software (or HikVision or Dahua systems) by typing in the relevant dates and times to review footage, they now simply point at the entry in the list on the screen and click.  No longer do they need to wait for the daily email, the event pops up on the dashboard within seconds of the event occurring.  All this increases the likelihood of the managers doing a proper review of the previous nights events.

Simply a Great Solution

InnerTelligence Dashboard enhances your current management software by making the process of viewing camera footage simple.

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