Covid-19 has changed things, especially for the fitness industry. Restrictions on attendance, risk of spread and continuous monitoring to disinfect equipment after each use has made things tough for gym owners and staff. However, it has also opened a door of opportunity – the hybrid model of fitness. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a transition to the hybrid model from a strict onsite only model was already happening, albeit at a slower pace. With this in mind, here’s is everything you need to know about the hybrid fitness model.

What is a Hybrid Gym?

A hybrid gym offers both online and on-site fitness services. The on-site fitness services cover the equipment and other training facilities you provide in the gym. Online services cover the fitness content you offer online which could be live like swimming classes or pre-recorded content.

It encompasses the best of both worlds. People who have the time to visit the gym can do that at their convenience whereas busy people can still follow their fitness schedule with the help of online classes.

How Do Hybrid Gyms Work?

In a hybrid gym, you focus on both on-site and online fitness services. For on-site services, you need to train your staff members to address member concerns regarding health and safety. This typically includes deep cleaning of the equipment on regular basis, maintaining social distancing guidelines in your location, ensuring availability of protective equipment, and regular temperature monitoring, among other things. You also need to stagger the class schedule to allow everyone who wants to use on-site services even if the mandate is to run the gym at reduced capacity.

For online classes, you would want to use a service that allows live access on phones as well as desktops. Either hire a new instructor or use the services of the ones you already have to create videos. These could be pre-recorded sessions or live, depending on what your members want.

Hybrid Gyms Future of Fitness 

How to Make a Hybrid Fitness Gym Successful?

Starting a hybrid fitness model is one thing and making it successful is completely another. Here is what you should focus on in order to make your hybrid fitness gym successful:

  • Keep communication channels open
  • Focus on retention
  • Grow both on-site and off-site clients

Communication is the key to a successful business but it is extremely important for a hybrid gym. You need to keep communicating with your members and make sure they are aware of the class capacity, health and safety portables they need to follow as well as the schedule of the classes – online and on-site. Make sure they are not feeling left out. You not only have to pay attention to them but you also have to show them that you are paying attention.

Businesses that are already ahead of the curve and have taken advantage of the online fitness model or the hybrid model, are your main competition. You will also be competing with the on-site only gyms. This is why you need to work extra hard to retain membership. Using certain apps can give you an advantage. Several apps can help you in improving your member experience and that should help with the retention period. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that you will achieve your goals only when the members achieve their fitness goals.

As far as the growth is concerned, you now have two revenue channels. Your team is going to play an important role in growing your business. Consider upgrading their skills or hiring some new staff members who are more attuned to the hybrid model.

What Does the Future of the Fitness Industry Looks like?

The future of the fitness industry is hybrid. Not everybody would want to go to a gym where they have to mingle with other fitness enthusiasts. On the other hand, there will also be people who just don’t get online fitness classes and are already missing that community aspect of a gym. They like to train with others. They like to share their stories with others and they want that physical presence.

Overall, the future of the fitness industry is a hybrid model. It gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to cater to consumer needs in the changing environment.

Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has transformed the fitness industry. Things are getting better but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of the changes people have made in their lives are permanent. If you want to keep your gym profitable, you need to align your business model to this new reality and the new reality is a hybrid business model. Transitioning from an on-site only fitness model to a hybrid model is challenging but there is plenty of help available if you look around.

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