Concept and Integriti Programming

Providing the highest quality professional Concept programming solutions to make your site’s requirements a reality.

Inner Range Factory Certified Technicians trained to Advanced Insight Technician level or higher, experienced at solving a plethora of complex scenarios quickly and efficiently. We are fully conversant with the many features and structures available, but most importantly how to implement them successfully. From older Type 0s to the latest Concept 4000 & the newly released Integriti Security Management System. Our extensive knowledge and skills are unsurpassed. We specialise in:

  • Building Automation
  • Lift Control
  • Access Control
  • Security Alarms
  • Custom programming scenarios
  • Insight Professional Administration

Concept and Integriti Installation is our specialty

Professional, quality installations by licensed, qualified Technicians.

  • Design & Installation to suit Manufacturer’s specifications
  • Project management for Concept based Projects
  • Planning assistance for major projects involving Concept systems
  • Design and implement maintenance programs for Concept Systems

Professional, intelligent Systems Integration.

Seamless integration of Concept 3000 & 4000 systems to:

  • Clipsal’s C-Bus
  • HPM’s i-Control
  • Dynalite
  • AMX
  • Others on request

Integration of the powerful Insight Professional Building Management software

  • Multi-panel projects via TCP/IP via LAN, WAN, Serial, dialup or combinations of all for multi-pathway redundancy
  • The Insight DVR Module for integration to Dedicated Micro Sprite2, Pacom, Magic Radar and other Digital Video Recording systems
  • Multi workstation configuration
  • Insight Operator Permission configuration

Independent Site Auditing for Installers & End Users.

Using our specialist knowledge and experience, we can inspect the installation of Concept Systems and associated equipment to ensure it has been installed in accordance with the manufacturers intentions. Concept is one of the most reliable systems on the market, as long as it is installed as the manufacturer intended. Even the smallest variation can result in unpredictable performance or strange results. If you are an installer that has inherited a site or the owner of a concept in your site, we can provide the knowledge you need to make sure its working at its optimum.

Professional Commissioning to the Central Monitoring Station of your choice

Stand-by Power Pool calculation
Concept is a modular system and as such has to be treated a lot differently to the smaller systems on the market. Power budgets are probably the most overlooked part of the concept installation. We can help with getting it right. System Inputs

Even those that have been installing the Concept System for a while can overlook this important part of the setup. Without it, the Concept System will not report problems with many of the crucial events that the Concept operating system takes care of in the background.

Zone transmission testing reporting formats include:

  • Multi-path FE3000 IP Fast via either hardwired ADSL TCP/IP, GPRS TCP/IP, dialup ISP or combinations for true multiple pathway redundancy.
  • IR Fast (dialup)
  • Contact I.D. over G.S.M. either primary or backup
  • Contact I.D. (dialup)
  • Replacement of Securitel connections

Have your site independently inspected for specification compliance:

For Installers:

  • Independent inspection at completion & sign-off to ensure a smooth hand-over transition.

For End Users:

  • Verify your site meets Manufacturer’s specifications before hand-over.

We can provide Consultants with accurate assistance for successful project engineering

We can assist with the specification of:

  • Hardware types, quantities & placement within a project
  • Power Pool requirements
  • Networking – including IR’s proprietary RS485 LAN & TCP/IP networked multi-panel systems
  • Cabling requirements
  • Feature implementation
  • Compliance to Manufacturer’s recommendations & specifications
  • Future proofing your project

Professional Concept Technical Support as you need it in three different varieties:

Protect your bottom line by calling us early in the job. We can help get you offsite sooner so you can get on with earning more money. There is little point in hanging around waiting for a return phone call and clocking up non chargeable hours.

Business Hours: Between 08:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday rate is $2.75 per minute +GST
After Hours: Between 17:00 – Midnight Monday – Friday rate is $5.50 per minute +GST
Weekend Hours: Between Midnight Friday – 6:00AM Monday morning rate is $10.00 per minute +GST

Minimum purchase is a block of 20 minutes.

Technical Support Packs are also available Pre-paid** and available in either 3, 6 or 12 month blocks and can be purchased over the phone:
**Sundays/Public Holidays attract an additional surcharge. Packs will decrement as used. Please contact us for current pricing details.

National HOTLINE: 1300 312 184

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