Are you looking for a better way of securing your building or business space and monitoring access at all times? If so, you should definitely consider installing an electrical access control system.

While traditional locks and keys have been in use for many years, their use comes with a variety of downsides, including the need to rekey locks when keys are lost or taken by outgoing employees; furthermore, you are required to issue multiple keys to access areas secured by doors equipped with different traditional locks. All these drawbacks can be eliminated with top-of-the-line access control systems. 

To find out more about access controls systems, including tips on how to choose the best system for your business, read on below.   

What Is An Access Control System? 

In a nutshell, access control systems are electronic systems designed to automate the operation of physical security elements such as gates and doors. They are digital security networks that are specifically designed to control the entry and exit into specified areas electronically. These automated systems essentially eliminate the need for traditional locks and keys when it comes to restricting access to designated areas. 

With an access control system, electronic keys are used to open doors controlled by electromagnetic locks and facilitate physical access. 

There are two main types of access control systems – on-site and cloud-based access control systems – with the latter offering off-site monitoring and credentialing, while the former is controlled on-site.  

How Does It Work?

To manage access to different areas of a building, an electronic access control solution normally follows a specific process. This process also helps create a record that can be used in case of an emergency. 

Here’s a breakdown of how access control systems work: 

Step 1: Authorisation – This step involves the registration of members of staff and visitors into your access control network. Here a profile is created for each registered user, containing details of areas they can access, among others. 

Step 2: Authentication – Registered users present their credentials to gain access to various parts of the building. Access control systems use a variety of access credentials including passcodes, biometric identification, mobile devices, key cards, door readers, badges and control panels among others. 

Step 3: Access – Individuals are granted access to specific areas after their credentials are recognised by the system through equipment such as card readers – which prompt the system to unlock the door.  

Step 4: Management And Audit – Last but not least, to keep your system in tip-top condition, it is important that you regularly manage, audit and update various elements. 

Access Control System Definition, Benefits How Work

Benefits Of Access Control To Your Business 

  • Eliminates The Likelihood of Lost or Stolen Keys: As previously mentioned, with these electronic systems, you no longer need to use traditional locks and keys; thus eliminating any associated downsides. 
  • Enhanced Security, Control And Safety: These systems provide enhanced security and control when it comes to restricting access within your building, by dictating the areas individuals can access as well as the times and nature of circumstances in which access is permitted. A detailed log of all instances of access in and out of designated areas is also kept by the system.   
  • Audit Trail: Thanks to the detailed log of all access in and out of designated areas, you are able to conduct accurate audits of the records in case of an emergency.  
  • Compliance And Credibility: These advanced systems are also highly effective when it comes to protecting and securing information about your clients; thus, safeguarding your organisation’s credibility as well.     
  • Better Management of Visitors: If you constantly deal with visitors, you can facilitate seamless entry into your building by issuing them with the necessary credentials, allowing you to facilitate, access and monitor their movement. 

The Key Components Of An Access Control System

The main components of an access control system include: 

  • Credentials: Also referred to as the tag, they include biometric identification, key fobs, smartphones, badges and access cards/proximity cards.    
  • Readers: Installed on the controlled side of the access point – or both sides if entry and exit is controlled. They are designed to read the tag/credentials when presented by the holder. 
  • Infrastructure: This includes any computer hardware and software that is used by the access control system, including the access control panel. All the data used for access control is managed through this infrastructure. 
  • Physical Access Barriers: These include door locks, doors, roped-off sections, turnstiles and gates.  
  • Perimeter Access and Management: Designed to protect the outside of your building, they include external security cameras, parking garage security and main gate among others.  

How To Choose The Right Access Control System 

  1. Features: For the best experience, it is recommended that you look for a system that comes with features that match your exact needs. 
  2. Compatibility: Open access systems are considered to be a level above proprietary systems when it comes to compatibility with various mobile devices, mobile apps, software solutions and future upgrades. 
  3. Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of each system when it comes to ensuring reliable service over an extended period, before making a final decision.  

Final Thoughts 

Access control systems can help you ensure better security, access management and monitoring than traditional locks and keys. These systems also come with a variety of additional benefits, which make them a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their building’s security. 

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