Are you concerned about security for your business? How much do you know about the advantages of using access control systems for security? No business can afford to be lax on security. 

It is especially important for certain businesses such as fitness centres and gyms as lax security not only has the potential to ruin their reputation but also affects their revenue. And this is why smart business owners invest in access control systems to keep their premises safe and secure.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various advantages of access control systems and different types of access control systems.

Different Types of Access Control Systems

There is a wide range of digital access control systems available in the market. There are also solutions that are targeted at certain industries such as fitness centres and gyms. 

When it comes to the types of access control systems, it essentially boils down to the type of readers and doors. Here’s a close look at the different types of readers and doors that form part of an access control system.

Different Types Of Readers

Key fob or card — One of the most common types of readers is a key fob or a card. These solutions are inexpensive and widely used. These also allow touch-free access as users can bring their cards close to the reader to get access.

Smartphone app — Another popular solution is a smartphone app with a custom barcode. Users just need to present their smartphone near the reader to get access.

Keypad readers — These readers require users to enter a certain password to gain entry

Biometric readers — As the name implies, these readers make use of biometrics such as a fingerprint or a palm print. There are also systems that are capable of making use of facial recognition to provide access.

Different Types of Doors

Turnstile doors — These doors are waist-height and typically require a key fob or a card to open.

Full height turnstiles — These doors are specifically designed to provide a much higher level of security but they are not so easy to use.

Interlocking doors — These doors make use of a variety of readers to provide entry to a restricted area.

Types of Access Control Systems

Benefits of Access Control Systems

There is a reason smart business owners are gravitating toward high-quality access control systems. If you are still on the sidelines when it comes to upgrading to an access control system, here are a few reasons for you to do that now:

Excellent security — One of the biggest advantages of an access control system is its high-grade security. They do not allow unauthorised entry and entry can also be controlled at various levels. For instance, the system can be programmed to provide access only to certain users in particular areas.

Integration with other systems in use – If you are considering an access control system for your fitness centre or gym, you should know that many such systems are capable of integrating with existing systems. This integration provides you with a lot of actionable data that can be used to sell more memberships and ensure high customer satisfaction levels.

Easy to manage – Since access control systems can be managed remotely, it makes it easier for you to manage the system from a simple dashboard. You can restrict the users who can gain access to certain areas or allow them access only during certain hours of the day.

Cost-effective solution — Physical security is expensive, especially when you have to maintain it 24 x 7. On the other hand, an access control system allows you a lot of control that is equivalent to physical security but without the associated expenses.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there is a wide range of access control systems available in the market. It makes your premises more secure and should also provide you with a lot of actionable data to grow your business. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find something that meets your requirements and is available within your budget.

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