According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia currently has nearly one million CCTV cameras, a more than twofold increase in just ten years. Home and business security cameras are excellent smart home devices that improve security and deter crime in real-time.

Fitness centre systems and cameras may also be necessary if you own or operate a fitness facility, health club, or gym. However, how do you pick the ideal camera for the safety of your gym? Here are a few things to remember.

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Your Cameras

An indoor and outdoor security camera is the greatest add-on to monitor a gym’s suspicious activity and other incidents. Below are some things to consider before installing one.

1). Location To Be Monitored: How large is the area you want to monitor? Accordingly, depending on your demands, you can select from various home security systems. These pieces also come in various hues, allowing you to incorporate them into your interior and exterior decor without having them stand out.

2). Cameras Specifications: Do you want your indoor or outdoor cameras to observe things up close or from a distance? Do you want it to function properly, even in low-light conditions, so your fitness facility will always be secure? If so, you should pick a security camera system like Arlo pro. It has low lighting, high battery life, night vision, and motion detection features to safeguard your facility. On top of all that, it is easy to install.

3). IP or CCTV: Do you want an IP or CCTV camera for your fitness facility? Digital video cameras, known as IP cameras, transmit data via ethernet networks. Digital video cameras, known as CCTVs, transmit a signal to a monitor so that it can be viewed. Unlike IP cameras, CCTV cameras are not internet connected.

How To Choose The Best Gym Security Cameras

Knowing what to look for in a security camera when you locate one at a good price might save you a lot of time. Here are some things to consider before you purchase a security camera for your gym.

  • Video Quality

A wireless security camera’s performance is aided by video quality, which is more than just video resolution. You should consider the camera’s field of vision, frame rate, and ability to see in low light. Whatever security camera you choose, ensure that it captures a high-quality image and camera footage.

  • Video Storage

You can monitor what happens in and around the gym by viewing recorded footage instead of watching a live feed or responding to every alarm on your phone. Your financial situation and personal choices will determine whether you will use cloud storage or local storage.

Monitoring Cameras For Fitness Centre

What Else Can You Do To Improve Gym Security (For Gym Owners)

There are other ways besides installing security cameras and systems to make a fitness centre, gym, or health club safer. Additional security precautions include:

  • Creating procedures to regulate who leaves and enters the gym. You can install entry systems for your 24-hour gym, health club, or fitness centres, such as a gym card scanning system or a gym membership card system, to prevent non-members from entering
  • Creating guidelines and regulations to ensure gym safety. Verify the gym’s security procedures are up to par. Include the safety regulations they must abide by in the written contract new gym members sign
  • Effectively train your employees. Professional training for your gym’s employees can help them remain vigilant and react promptly in an emergency. You must provide instructions on who manages camera footage and who accesses the security devices

Gym Security Tips For Gym-Goers

Thieves can enter gyms, health clubs, and fitness facilities while donning workout attire if there aren’t security cameras and systems around the facility. You can still do some crucial things to protect your belongings, even if the gym has a security system.

  • Avoid Moving Anything You Don’t Need: Securing a lot of your personal items while working out at the gym is difficult. So, bring only what you need to gyms, health clubs, and other exercise facilities. You are more likely to lose items if you carry too much.
  • Always Keep Your Vital Belongings Close By: Keep your valuables to a minimum, and conceal them in your pockets or clothing. Thieves are less likely to take your belongings when you have them.
  • Leave Your Belongings In The Car: Leave your belongings in the parking lot before heading to the gym. Keep them hidden so that they don’t attract robbers and don’t leave anything of significant value.
  • Utilise The Locker Rooms: The usage of gym lockers is not a particularly well-liked position in the security community. On the other side, if someone approaches your locker, the gym’s security cameras may have already captured them. This makes it a little safer than leaving the valuables in the vehicle. However, you must secure the locker with a lock.

Final Thoughts

Gym security has become more crucial over the past few years, especially since the pandemic. Gym access control systems and other security measures can help stop crimes like gym fraud by prohibiting non-paying members from getting in. You should also instruct your employees on utilising exercise equipment appropriately to keep gym members safe.

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