Access Control

Simplify Life for Your Workers and Guests with Access Control Systems

For your business, security is paramount, so it’s no surprise that you need to find the right access control system. Not all of these systems offer the same benefits, however. InnerTelligence has developed systems that uniquely suit the needs of our clients and offer exclusive benefits.

Related Services We Provide to an Access Control Security System

Access control involves more than merely having a lock and key. As the leading-edge provider of access control in Brisbane, we offer:

  • Access control that’s integrated with modern smartphones. Eliminate the need for keys and badges that can get lost or stolen. Instead, take advantage of the fingerprint and facial recognition technology that’s built into the latest generation of smartphones and make your access control system app-based. This app makes your business more secure while making the process easier on those you want to welcome.
  • Combine access control with building automation for an integrated approach to building management. Set your systems to keep the temperature at a holding level when unoccupied but to become more comfortable when someone enters. You can also connect your lighting system to digital access to become more energy efficient. With this kind of integration, you can provide excellent hospitality even when you don’t have staff in the building.
  • Another way you can integrate access control is with your security alarms, as well. Protect your building by corralling all visitors through dedicated access points. If an unwanted intruder somehow makes it in, security alarms can summon police to the scene for a rapid response to protect your assets.

What You Can Expect from InnerTelligence Regarding Access Control in Sydney

We’re not just another security access company. Instead, we set the benchmarks for the industry in several regards:

  • Leading-edge Technology – We consistently use the latest technologies to protect our clients. With each passing year, researchers develop new security methods that are both more robust at deterring intruders and more convenient at permitting access to those who should be there. We’re committed to understanding and incorporating these technologies as soon as they’re available.
  • Excellent 24/7 Service – Despite our technological focus, we don’t forget the human element. Existing customers have access to round-the-clock service and support to address all issues that you may encounter. With InnerTelligence, you’ll never meet a problem for which you can’t receive immediate assistance.
  • Reliable Products – We combine the latest technologies with well-designed systems for the most reliable access control in Melbourne. Let us provide you with excellent support so that your systems never go down and your business always has the security that it needs.

About InnerTelligence

We’re an Australian-owned and operated company that has been in business for years. Since our inception, we have painstakingly crafted a reputation for excellence and reliability. As a result, we have excelled in all aspects of digital security, automation, and access systems. We have never lost sight of our goals and how to achieve them, which has made exceptional service our routine. Contact us for a consultation and to plan out an access system which suits your business’s needs.