Mobile Phone Access Control


Mobile phone access control is here

In this day and age of people control and with technology advancing at the rate it is, finding a solution that works and is secure and adaptable is a challenge. Using electronic access control to limit ones access through a door today may not be as secure as it was 5 years ago. The current RFID batch of solutions work but many are being compromised and it is happening more regularly than it did a few years ago.

Advancing technology can make things convenient but what are the side effects. For instance, it is great to be able to get your own access control RFID reproduced at the local shopping centre just in case you damage the one you were issued but, the side effect is now that technology becomes less secure.  Some of those technologies have not kept up with those advancements.

Innertelligence has been working closely with some key players in the fitness industry to overcome some of the cumbersome hurdles that are keeping the industry back in the dark ages.  More and more require easier means to sign new members up and give instant access making it simpler for their members to get in and just workout.

We have designed mobile phone access control.

  • It is simple but secure.
  • It is smart enough to know when you are near the door, so it can check permissions and grant access when the button is pressed.
  • It will also work with multiple doors. It’s designed to read locations so it knows exactly where you are, both in or out of the building.
  • You cannot open the door unless you are near close by. This will help reduce the number of members that give their access fob to a mate so they can share the gym membership because I don’t know too many people that are willing to be separated from their phones these days. To hand their phone to their mates and allow them to open it up is probably never going to happen.

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