Security Systems Brisbane

Effective Security Systems in Brisbane Designed Around Your Needs

Of all the technologically based industries, it is vital for security systems in Brisbane to continually evolve. Your security systems need to be a step or two ahead of criminal minds if they are to offer any protection or warnings at all.

What You Can Expect from InnerTelligence Regarding Business Security Systems

Staying ahead of the pack is vital to our security services being relevant and practical. Whether we design security systems in Sydney, fit CCTVs or integrate an access control software package, cutting edge technology combined with our level of expertise and skill, ensures the effectiveness of any solution we install.

  • Tailgating risk control: Tailgating increases loss of revenue and liability risks. Your most vulnerable times are when it is quiet, and staff quota per shift is at a minimum. Our game-changing system enables you to identify guilty staff members and restrict irregular access by enhancing your current management software.
  • CCTV Systems: You can never refute facts. We can include a high quality CCTV system in your security solution, which will arm you with facts upon which you can base decisions. Cameras are also known to be excellent deterrents to criminals. For quicker response and a hands-on management approach, we can link our advanced CCTV system to your mobile phone.
  • Cutting edge technology: All our technicians are factory certified which ensures they are capable of installing, maintaining and repairing the technologically advanced systems utilised in building automation, lift or access control, professional administration and security systems. Our team will seamlessly integrate our products with your current systems or perform a site audit for installers and end-users to ensure your system functions optimally.

What Sets InnerTelligence Apart Regarding Security Systems in Melbourne

  • Experience: Our team of professionals have designed, coded and commissioned extremely complex security solutions. We strive to create systems which comprehensively address your security concerns with straightforward operating instructions. Operational simplicity ensures system efficiency.
  • Software development team: This knowledgeable team excels at designing and programming security solutions tailor-made to your exact requirements.
  • After-hours services: Besides our 24-hour emergency response services, our professional technicians are also on call after hours. These 24/7 services are part of our commitment to the community we serve, to ensure their safety and that their security remains impenetrable around the clock.

Tips Regarding Business Alarm Systems

If your business is secure, it can be successful. However, protecting your business in our technological world entails more than securing the premises. Consider these tips to strengthen your stance against the criminal elements in our society.

  • Cybersecurity: Don’t be mistaken and think that your business is insignificant, and therefore, safe from hackers. Hackers know that smaller firms avoid stringent cybersecurity as they don’t realise their vulnerability, and often, they cannot afford it. Your data is valuable; you should protect it.
  • Internal security: Once you have secured the premises with high-security locks and strategically placed exterior lighting, install a fire alarm as well as a security alarm system. Our team will help you to determine which type of alarm is best suited to your business setup.
  • Common sense: That’s right, using common sense is often your first line of defence. Don’t let cash be visible to people entering your premises. Screening vendors before signing them up and screening potential employees eliminates criminal intrusion before it happens. Be dubious of strangers calling at your premises.

We are Australian owned and operated with a drive to raise the bar on service delivery within the security industry, by developing a mutually beneficial relationship with you, where we utilise and supply quality products and complete all commissions with an excellent standard of workmanship.

If you require a security solution that fits like a glove, contact us, for further information.