If you are reading this, you are probably already aware of the importance of CCTV systems and gym access control. These systems are designed to keep things in control and allow you to keep your operation running smoothly. Security in gyms is a big concern today, especially if you run a 24-hour gym. Integrating the gym access control system with the CCTV solution allows you to prevent unauthorised access and keep track of ongoing operations.

What is Gym Access Control?

In simple terms, this may be defined as an electronic system that allows authorised personnel to enter the premises without the need for physical verification. It also prevents unauthorised access and gives you much more actionable data that can be used for better staff management and to increase membership.

With the right access system, you can also operate your gym 24 x 7. Some of these systems also include other features such as tailgate detection with high accuracy. 

Benefits of Access Controls and Fitness Gyms

There are several advantages of investing in an access control system for fitness gyms. One of the biggest benefits is improvement in customer experience. There is no denying that the fitness industry is highly competitive and, in most cases, the only competitive advantage you have is member experience. 

With a top-of-the-line access control system, your members won’t have to wait in line to get in. The system also allows you to offer 24-hour gym access. The 24-hour gym concept is becoming increasingly common and gym-goers today want it as it gives them the flexibility to train at any time of the day.

Security is a big concern in fitness gyms and one of the major sources of potential revenue loss is tailgating where multiple people gain entry on a single card. Innovative access control systems include tailgate detection preventing unauthorised access to non-members. 

This enhances the security perception among members as they know that only paying members will be able to access the gym. A proper access control system allows you to keep track of payments by automatically notifying members about outstanding fees without making it embarrassing.

Access system gives you a lot of actionable data that can be further used to increase revenue. You will know which part of the facility is being used by members, at what time and at what frequency. It also helps with staff management.

Integrate Gym Access Control With CCTV 

How to Integrate Gym Access Control with CCTV

While we have discussed the many advantages of gym access control, integrating it with CCTV offers you much better control and visibility. There are some common misconceptions regarding the integration such as:

  • It costs a lot 
  • It is difficult to install
  • It is complicated to set up and use

One of the most common misconceptions is that they will need to invest in a completely new CCTV system to integrate it with the access control system but that is not true. With the right technology and hardware, access control systems can be easily integrated into the existing CCTV system. You only need to worry about finding the right solution.

InnerTelligence has been active in this industry for several years and is known for customised security solutions with a strong focus on both software and hardware engineering. We have installed these integrated solutions in more than 300 fitness gyms. Our customised solutions ensure seamless integration of access control and CCTV security solution allowing you to access data from any part of the world, in real-time. Our system also features a state-of-the-art tailgate detection system that works 99% of the time compared to 80 to 90% accuracy offered by competitors.

We specialise in integrated security solutions and building automation. With our real-world-tested security solutions and building automation systems, you will not only be able to improve the member experience but also make your premises more secure and get actionable data to increase efficiency and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, most fitness gyms have CCTV solutions to increase security and keep track of things. Investment in a gym access control system allows you to offer a much better experience to the members and attract more members by offering 24-hour gym access. It also improves the security perception of your fitness club and should help you attract new members. An integrated gym access control and CCTV security system offers much better control and provides access to actionable data to improve member experience and increase the productivity of your staff.

Secure Your Gym with Innertelligence Products!

Here at InnerTelligence, we take pride in our building automation and access control security solutions. We specialise in providing customised security solutions using state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Our security solutions allow you to offer an enhanced experience to your members and give you much better control over entry. You also get a lot of actionable data that can be used to attract new members and increase revenue.

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