You can’t manage a fitness club or a gym without a proper security system in place. A good security system will help you keep tabs on incoming and outgoing traffic and allow you to act quickly in emergencies. 

Tailgating is a major problem in gyms and a modern security system should allow you to restrict tailgating and allow only paying members to get access to the gym. In addition to stopping tailgating, you’ll also need to have security systems and gym access controls in place to have more control over who can access the gym and at what times.

What Is a Gym Security System?

A gym security system is focused on keeping the staff members, gym members and the facility safe. Gym security starts with restricting access. If you allow anybody to access the gym, it is not only bad from the revenue perspective, but it also makes things less secure for members.

There are different types of gym security systems that typically involve systems for stopping tailgating including restricted access control, CCTV cameras, restricted equipment access, temperature checks and a lot more.

How Do Gym Security Systems Work?

A gym security system is typically focused on access control. These systems work by only allowing authenticated entry. The best entry systems make use of a key fob, a QR code-based access system, password-based access, barcode-based access or by using some other system to restrict access. Access can be restricted right at the entry door as well as to various parts of the fitness centre.

CCTV cameras are an integral part of any security system. It allows you to keep a tab on members and also keep a record of various things going on in your gym.

Benefits of Security Systems for Your Fitness Gym

There are substantial benefits of investing in a modern security system for your fitness gym. It not only helps in keeping everyone safe and secure but also provides a premium experience to the members. When members feel secure, they can focus on their fitness experience without worrying about their own safety and the safety of their belongings. It is also a great marketing tool that can be smartly used to increase membership and profits. Here’s a list of some of the major benefits of security systems for your gym:

Access control system reduces tailgating by doing the following:

  • Prevent nonpaying members from accessing the gym
  • Convenient 24 x 7 access for members
  • Allows you to increase membership by keeping your gym open for more hours
  • Allows you to track everything
  • Provides actionable insights that can be used to market your fitness facility
  • Saves time to allow staff to focus on other important tasks

Gym Security Systems

Types of Gym Security Systems

A variety of gym security systems are available in the market. These are focused on various aspects of keeping a health facility secure. Every modern gym should have an access control system, security cameras, panic buttons and certain other systems in place to keep things secure.

Security cameras help in protecting expensive equipment and also keep a tab on everything going inside your gym. Members feel secure with security cameras around as they can focus on their fitness without worrying about other things.

Gym access control allows you to keep a track of members and employees coming in and going. It also allows you to provide 24 x 7 access while keeping your overhead costs in check. Access control systems also help in reducing the practice of tailgating.

Placing panic buttons in various parts of the gym gives a sense of security to the members. When members push the panic button, it alerts staff that there is an emergency. They can then reach out and take care of the emergency.

Future-Proofing Gym Entry Systems

Traditionally, gym entry systems are based on the physical presence of a swipe card or a key fob. These systems are good but there are better systems available in the market. You need to future proof the entry system due to increased demand for touchless entry in the Post-COVID era.

The modern access control systems focus on touchless and mobile entry. These systems allow members to use their smartphones to enter the facility. The mobile entry systems are also much more secure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, gym owners should take an integrated approach to gym security and access control. 24-hour gym access control systems keep your facility secure and provide you with greater control and visibility.

If you’re still using outdated gym security systems, it is time for you to move to the modern era with mobile-focused security systems.

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