If you operate a gym or fitness centre, you can never have enough security. Security has become a bigger concern, especially considering the times we are living in. The fear of coronavirus keeps poking its head up every now and then. This is why it is important for you to do a proper risk assessment to keep your gym safe and also to protect your members. 

This involves providing security training to staff members, taking relevant security measures, using gym access control systems, encouraging the use of personal trainers and several other things focused on keeping everyone safe.

What Is Gym Security?

Gyms are not like other places where you don’t need to worry about conventional security. There isn’t a lot of cash and there is nothing to really steal as everything is super heavy. Also, there is always someone at the gym. However, as a gym owner, there are other threats you need to worry about.

One of the biggest worries of a gym owner is nonpaying members using the facilities. Also, a few members have a tendency to share access with their friends. It is a victimless crime but a substantial loss for you as a gym owner. Another risk is a crime happening inside the gym which could lead to loss of business reputation. You need to have systems in place to prevent nonpaying members from accessing the gym and also to keep a tab on what’s going inside your gym.

Gym Safety Tips to Protect Your Fitness Gym

You need a proper risk assessment of your facility to fully protect it. Have a look around and try to think of things that could go wrong. Are all the machines being regularly maintained? Is there proper distance between machines? Are fire extinguishers working? Think of all the potential risks so that you can put a plan in place to keep things safe for everyone including staff members and gym members. Here are a few tips to protect your fitness gym:

  • Use proper disinfectants to clean equipment between uses 
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Maintain proper distance between machines
  • Encourage regular handwashing
  • Encourage members to stagger their schedule
  • User gym access system to restrict access control
  • Prevent members from using shared amenities such as water fountains, showers or toilets

Gym Safety Tips Your Fitness Gym

Gym Safety Tips to Protect Your Members

You might think that it is the personal responsibility of the members to take care of their health and safety but as a gym owner, you can’t afford to have a substantial number of members getting injured. This is why you should share safety tips with the members to allow them to work out without any issues. Here are a few tips to protect your members:

  • Encourage members to focus on form
  • Members should try to use a gym partner
  • Encourage members to be aware of their surroundings
  • Encourage members to pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness
  • Put signs to encourage members to warm up before any high-intensity exercise
  • Remind members it’s a marathon and not a sprint and not to overdo things
  • Encourage members to consult a personal trainer to avoid injury and to achieve their fitness goals
  • Make sure your members are aware of how to use equipment properly

Staff Safety Training

Staff members also need to be properly trained. Safety training has become much more important in coronavirus times. Staff members should make sure that the equipment is properly disinfected after each use. 

Staff members should be knowledgeable about using the equipment in the gym safely and effectively. Members will keep asking them about the right way to use certain equipment. As a gym owner, you are also required to provide health and safety training to staff members to allow them to carry out their duties properly. Needless to say, staff members should also have proper first aid training including administering CPR.

Final Thoughts

Overall, gym security has become a lot more important in recent years, especially after the pandemic. Gym access control systems and other security solutions can help you stop victimless crimes such as gym fraud by restricting the entry of nonpaying members. You should also focus on keeping the gym members safe by training your staff on the correct use of fitness equipment.

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