Like every other entrepreneur, gym owners need to make sure that their gyms and fitness centres have secure access control systems. This is especially important for 24-hour gyms where gym members require 24/7 gym access. That said, here is a comprehensive guide regarding remote access card control systems and how they can help keep a gym secure.

What is Gym Remote Access Card System?

A gym remote card access system is an example of real-time security systems used in offices and health clubs to enable security. Members are given door access cards that they use to enter the gym. That way, only people with a gym membership can gain access to the gym’s fitness facilities.

As a gym owner, you can track, manage, and limit entry to your building using these door access cards or key fobs. You can even take your card system to the next level these days with remote access software. Precise cloud-based gym management software can allow you to work with clients in a hands-off manner while providing a secure working environment for personnel.

How Do Gym Remote Access Card Systems Work?

Normally, most gyms require their customers to show their membership cards at the front desk before being allowed to access the facility. However, this security measure is not enough because it can still be hacked by using fake membership cards.

Therefore, gym owners are advised to use remote access card systems to regulate gym access. Members are given cards that have key fobs which are used to remotely open the gym doors. The card has an inbuilt code that is automatically detected at the door hence opening the locks.

Benefits of Gym Remote Access Cards

  • They are Cost-Effective

One of the greatest benefits of using access cards for a gym is that they are more cost-effective than traditional locks. This is because once installed, the gym owner will not have to keep changing the locks in case the membership list changes.

Secondly, it costs money to hire someone to supervise people entering the gym. However, with a remote access card system, gym owners can completely replace their front desk crew. Alternatively, they can use the staff to do other productive tasks around the gym.

  • Better Member Experience

Going to the gym is a decision that requires a lot of discipline and consistency. As such, gym owners must make sure that their clients have a wonderful experience to keep them coming back. Simple things such as smart remote locks can take the gym experience a notch higher.

Instead of gym members lining up and waiting for gym staff to verify their identity, it is better to use access cards. That way, each member gets in and out of the gym smoothly. Not only will the clients love the gym, but they will also recommend it to their friends.

  • Fewer Cases of Late Payments

A remote card access system can be set to only remain active when the gym member has paid their subscription. That way, when the member’s paid period expires, the card is automatically deactivated. This will motivate members to pay their dues on time.

  • Integration With Remote Access Software For Easy Management

With such an automated system, gym administrators can log in to the management system from any device that can access the internet. If you’re working from home, you can do this on your computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Even from the comfort of a home, a gym owner can do all tasks from any of their devices.

Gym Remote Access Card Control System 

Because the efficiency of a comprehensive gym management solution reduces the amount of administrative labour required to run the business, gym personnel can focus on more important activities to keep the gym running smoothly.

How to Use Gym Remote Access Card

To use remote access cards in a gym, the system has to be installed by a qualified professional. They will install the locks and design the cards.

Later, the installers will create a self-service portal for gym owners. This portal allows the gym owners to change any access settings as the need arises.

Distribute the Access Cards

After the system is in place, the cards are distributed to eligible gym members. In addition, all employees should have an access card of their own.

These cards are swiped by members and employees at the door. Only authorised employees and gym members can now access the facility.

Final Thoughts

Access control cards are one of the modern ways of securing a gym. Install these smart locks and keep intruders and thieves away from the gym facility!

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