The adverse effects of lifestyle diseases are well-known to the majority of us. Consequently, many of us are heading to the gym to stay fit and stem the tide of ailments bought about by lack of physical activity. As you can imagine, fitness clubs are experiencing a boom in business with increased membership. 

But crucially, the fitness industry is now forced to incorporate the latest technology and the best security systems to secure fitness facilities while giving gym members 24-hour access to the gym. By deploying advanced automated gym access control systems, gym owners can secure their investment while still offering their members the best possible experience.

What is a Gym Access Control?

While gym access control can encompass a wide variety of elements, at its core, it involves controlling entry into the gym and controlling access to various parts of the gym in a more automated manner. Rather than using traditional lock and key security methods, the access control system uses a savvier and more automated approach to provide entry and control the flow of people into, out of, and within the gym.

There are various gym access control solutions for gym managers and/or proprietors to choose from to implement access control. For instance, you can choose to control access with a card access or key fob solution, a more advanced biometrics-based system, password or access code control system, or even a QR code-based system.

Benefits of Using Access Control System in Your Fitness Gym

1): Real-Time Entry Tracking And Analytics – With cloud-based tracking, you gain an in-depth understanding of your business. More importantly, you can gain insights into the demographic using your gym, the most active time, and much more. You can use this information to optimise the user experience and better meet your members’ needs.

2): Stop Gym Fraud – Gym fraud is common. It’s common for members to share their cards with friends and family. With an intelligent gym access control system, you can prevent gym fraud from happening.

3). Improve Emergency Safety – With real-time tracking, you’ll know who is using your gym and at what time. As such, during an emergency, you’ll be in a position to account for everyone in your facility.

4). Make 24/7 Gym Access Possible – It is challenging to provide 24-hour access to the gym with traditional lock and key access control systems. However, with an advanced secure gym access control system, it’s easy to allow access to the health club any time of day. 

5). Reduces Costs – You can do away with or reduce the front desk personnel with an efficient door entry system. Additionally, you can also reduce the number of people manning the facility. All of this will reduce your overhead, which bolsters your profits. 

Gym Access Control Uses Benefits

How to Use Gym Access Control Systems

The choice of the type of access control system you use in your gym will depend on your unique circumstance (such as your location and hours of operations). However, the implementation of a gym access control system follows a similar idea: 

  • Token Input By Members – This may be their fingerprint, key cards, password, QR code, key fobs, etc.
  • Successful Scan – Upon successful input/scan, the member is granted access to the gym. 
  • Unsuccessful Scan – If the scan is unsuccessful, entry to the gym is denied. 
  • Tracking Gym Usage – Depending on the system you use, you’ll be able to track the members who use your facility, for how long, when, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the fitness industry can be a profitable venture. However, you need to invest in the right technology to ensure your operations are as profitable as possible. Gym access control is one of the best technologies you can invest in to boost your return on investment, improve the security in your facility, and improve your members’ experience.

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