HACCP Approved -Fridge Freezer Cool room Temperature Monitoring

Fridge and Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Sentry Temperature Monitoring system is ideal for monitoring of cold stores, cool rooms freezers, fridges, display cabinets, refrigerated transport and many other applications where temperature control and monitoring is critical.


How it works

The Sentry Temperature Monitoring System is comprised of a collector unit and digital sensing devices that are accurate to 0.5 degrees C.

The sensors send data wirelessly to the collector unit which stores the information and forwards it via the 3G network to the cloud based server.  As long as there is 3G signal strength in your location, this is an obvious solution to your needs.

The server constantly monitors the data so it can generate alerts and reports based on parameters you set.  No more needing staff to record temperatures to meet food handling regulations, its all done by this unit saving hours of staff time.

The sensors are powered by 2 AAA lithium batteries and can be mounted using the magnetic adapter directly to the fridge surface without causing any damage.  Up to 64 devices can be monitored by a single collector, as long as they are within wireless range (range extenders are available) the data from all sensors will be used in your reports and alerts.

You can set your own parameters for alarms and alerts, which means you can get SMS alerts for critical situations and emails or both for situations that require attention soon.


This system provides:

  • 24/7 real time monitoring of temperatures and immediately alerts users of discrepancies from the set temperature parameters, allowing timely response to take corrective action and preserve valuable stock.
  • Automatically generates daily HACCP approved compliance reports via email providing accurate data and peace of mind that the compliance reporting requirements are met, even on days when the business is closed.
  • Provides detailed management reports to assist the business with the efficient operation of their storage devices, providing significant savings in operating costs.

On going costs

Once purchase and installed, the ongoing costs are:

  • $57.16 per month – 3/4G monitoring, reports, Email alerts included (upto 6 sensors)
  • $66.68 per month – 3/4G monitoring, reports, Email alerts included (7 – 13 sensors)

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Now available in Wifi only.  The newly released Watchman Sensor

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