Gate Access Control System

InnerTelligence Offers Smart Gate Access Control Systems

InnerTelligence is a leader in the field of 24-hour gym and member access management and a critical aspect of this is the gate access control system. We offer seamless integration for multi-site and multi-storey access control to allow entrance into your building after hours and now offer mobile phone access control.

The Importance of Gate Access Control

By allowing 24-hour access to your gym with one of our access control systems, your gym will be more attractive to clients that want to exercise at odd hours. Not only will this allow you to grow your client base further but our systems will enable them to use your gym when it is unmanned, saving on the cost of having overnight staff. Since our service is designed to allow 24-hour access, our technicians are always on call and can respond in emergencies when required.

  • Our 24-hour access control systems are designed to allow you to open your gym for off-hour access, freeing you from having to employ overnight staff. With the busy lives led in the 21st century, many people want to exercise late at night or early in the morning but keeping staff in your gyms at these times is usually not financially viable; access control changes that by letting your clients in when the gym isn’t staffed.
  • As we offer this service internationally and tailor it for 24-hour access, we pride ourselves on the availability of our technicians should you need assistance. They are on call 24 hours a day, so even if you have an issue in the middle of the night, we are only a call away to address your problem.
  • The technology of access control is always shifting and improving. We keep up on the trends and utilise anything that can make our client’s systems work more smoothly and this is why we now offer mobile phone access control.

Related Services We Provide to Gate Access Systems

Access control is only one aspect of what we offer. Combining it with one of our robust CCTV systems and security alarms will better enable you to monitor your gym off-site. We also offer temperature monitoring systems and auto-tracking systems.

  • Our CCTV systems not only give you the option for off-site monitoring, but you can also set them up to let you monitor your building from your smartphone, making them even more convenient.
  • With our temperature monitoring systems, you can remotely monitor the temperature of refrigerated cold rooms.
  • Auto tracking is just as easy, allowing you to track your fleet of vehicles Australia wide.

Why Use InnerTelligence

We strive to be at the leading edge of the industry, integrating the newest technologies into our systems to benefit our clients such as mobile phone access control. We have built a reputation of sterling customer service and technical response as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our access systems, including gate control systems, contact us today.