24/7 Fitness Systems

Should you go 24 hour in the first place

Read this article from the fitness industry, it may make things a little clearer.
 Should you go 24 hour?

We are Leaders in 24 hour gym solutions

InnerTelligence has arguably become the industry authority on setting up 24/7 access control and building automation systems for the fitness industry and we are good at it.  Ever since we were approached by the founder of Jetts Fitness in 2007 and designed the system that is still rolling out around the world today, we have been approached by other brands and installers to help them get a foot hold in the 24/7 market.

Back then we forecast that all current gyms around Australia would need to move to the 24/7 model in a short space of time or risk losing their members to a better more flexible model.  I am sure you have seen that has happened to many smaller operators and, in fact, some of the bigger ones.

Upgrading to 24/7 can be a simple task of find the right management software, find the right access control equipment and get the right people to install it.

Management software we work with and link to our hardware includes:

But we can talk with your chosen provider and work with them to get things across the line.

Why use InnerTelligence?

Just think of all the clubs we have built/converted (over 300 now), all the fitness gurus we have spoken with and all the different requirements they have for their own special configuration.  We have witnessed so many niche ideas that required lots of customisation to bring into life. We have been the guiding hand in setting up a system that suited their needs and budget.

Why get others to try and re invent the wheel?  In the end you will probably pay for their extra time to learn what to do, how it all works and even then may end up with problems than you bargained for.  We know that getting this right for you and your members is critical to everyone’s safety and security.  For example, Simply choosing the incorrect card format may compromise the site because of the higher risk that duplicate cards exist in general circulation.  Your provider simply gets generic cards from their supplier but those same cards or numbers may have been issued by another supplier and may even be in your area. Even worse, the cheap generic cards and tags can be copied by the local key cutting service.

Your members put their trust in you,  that you have done your due diligence on their behalf so that your site is safe and secure at all times but especially when it is unstaffed.

We can provide you with a custom solution that can include:

  • All your hardware and software for access control and CCTV needs
  • An access anywhere check in style web page that:
    • shows members access in real time, no need to pull a report.
    • provides a hyper link directly from the check in entry to the actual stored footage of the member accessing the club. How easy is that to verify the user and card?
    • provide a pop up list of a particular members access so that you can check each entry against the cameras stored footage (dependent on storage capacity)
  • Automatic detection of the site being empty so it can be secured against break in.
  • Direct access to your video system so you can check your site any time and almost anywhere
  • Access cards that are custom printed with your club logo or graphics of your choice
  • Building Automation:
    • With the power charges being ever increasing, this should be a key feature in your energy saving strategy. i.e.
      • shut down lights when the club is empty
      • shut down air conditioners to suit activity
      • silence the music system when the club is empty
  • Tailgate detection that is up around the 95% accurate in detecting people sneak in behind or even beside each other
  • Emergency services access strategy so they do not need to break down the door to enter if an emergency event happens inside your club while the front door is secured. Our highly trained team and supporting professionals will send emergency services when needed and open the door for them once they arrive.

Call or contact us via Email for more information on our solutions and let us help you stop the leak of your members to already established 24/7 sites.