What is a business alarm system? Is it necessary for a business owner to have a 24-hour security system for their business? For starters, security is a vital element in running a business, so businesses need to invest in alarm systems. There are a number of companies that offer businesses security solutions. However, before choosing an alarm company or security company to work with, it helps to know the basics so you can make an informed choice.

What Are Business Alarm Systems?

A business alarm system uses sensors to protect a business premise against break-ins. The alarm will be triggered when the sensor is activated, and specific systems may connect to the external alarm monitoring centre. Essentially, a business alarm offers commercial security. 

According to the 2019 crime statistics, 37.2% of the reported burglaries happened in non-residential properties. Going by this statistic, it is vital to invest in commercial security. These systems have a real-time monitoring centre, access control system, and video surveillance.

How Does It Work?

There are different types of business alarms to choose from, so their functionality may slightly differ. It would help consult your professional installer on particular models function. Generally, all business alarm systems comprise various parts working together to monitor and alert the owner of any intrusions.

The control panel monitors the status of all the devices connected to it and comes with a tamper switch that sends an alert when anyone tampers with the panel. First contacts are connected to the windows and doors, so if the alarm is on and someone tries getting in, the alarm will be triggered. Bigger spaces should use motion sensors, while premises with plenty of windows should consider installing a glass break detector.

Top 5 Benefits Of Commercial Alarm System For Your Business

  1. Safety and security: Installing a commercial alarm system in the business ensures both the employees and privacy of the company are safeguarded.
  2. Peace of mind: One can rest peacefully, knowing their business is safe and secure.
  3. No false alarms: Investing in a trustworthy and reliable alarm system ensures no false alarms. Besides, video surveillance offers real-time footage.
  4. Emergency detection: Aside from protecting commercial properties from burglaries, security systems also offer protection against natural disasters like carbon monoxide and fire.
  5. Constant protection: It is not practical for a business owner to be on their property 24/7 protecting it, while onsite security companies can be expensive. However, commercial alarm systems offer the business 24/7 protection all year long against break-ins and burglaries.

Everything To Know About Business Alarm Systems

Types Of Commercial Security Systems

Sensors: There are different sensors one can select. For instance, a door contact sensor will notify a business owner when a door is left ajar and when it opens. However, if a business is in a more high-security space, it may be best to consider using microwave, laser, or infrared sensors for more advanced security.

Alarm systems: Anyone whose business is located in an unsafe area should consider investing in an alarm system. They help prevent criminal activity, and they will notify personnel in case of a breach. Alarm systems can be triggered by specific events on the property or be connected to the doors.

Video surveillance and security cameras: These two are the most common form of commercial security systems businesses employ. Mounting a security camera on a commercial property allows you to monitor the ongoing activity on their property. You can see everything occurring in the main areas and monitor activity through the video footage.

Access control: Investing in an access control system is equally important for various reasons. Access control requires authorised credentials to open a door on a commercial property. Therefore, the only way anyone will gain entry is if they have the credentials, meaning burglars will be kept at bay.

Cybersecurity systems: Most businesses choose to invest in added security for their networks to safeguard their private data and proprietary information. Cybersecurity systems in commercial security may include firewall protection, traffic monitoring, data encryption, and anti-virus software.

How To Choose The Right Business Alarm System

Below are things to consider when choosing a business alarm system:

  • Type and features: It helps to learn about the features and different types of alarm systems to decide what best suits your type of business. An alarm company can look at the business and recommend the best system.
  • Cost of maintenance: Besides the installation costs, it is crucial to determine the long-term maintenance costs.
  • Ease of Installation: It is vital to pick a simple system to configure and set up once the installation is complete. It would be best to have a system that is equally easy to install instead of one that will turn into a big construction project.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to invest in a business alarm system as it helps protect the business against break-ins. Although it would be best to know the various security solutions available, then choose one that best suits your business. There are plenty of companies to work with, but it’s best to choose one that offers some of the best security solutions.

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