The Benefits of Commercial Access Control and Where to Find Access Control and Keyless Entry Systems in Australia

If you own or operate a business in Australia and you want to keep your buildings secure, you should know that commercial access control systems are an essential way to do this. Many businesses with fewer than ten or so employees can manage fine with a traditional key and lock setup, but larger companies find access control systems to be extremely beneficial. These systems help you mitigate security risks in several ways; here are a few of them.

Simplify Employee Turnover

Businesses, apartment complexes, and college campuses can handle high turnover rates much more efficiently with commercial access control. Instead of having to reissue new keys to everyone when one becomes lost or an employee leaves, these systems make it simple to replace a lost keycard or remove access from one individual card.

Restrict Specific Areas

Many employers do not provide access to every office, closet, or floor to every employee. For example, your HR department may have sensitive information and documents stored that shouldn’t be accessible to all employees. Commercial keyless entry systems allow you to restrict who can go where.

Protect Valuables

If your buildings contain valuable items, especially those with a high street value, then a commercial access control system can help you identify exactly who entered the property after hours. It can help prevent theft or catch the culprit if a situation does occur. With traditional keys, you have no way of knowing which employee unlocked the door at what time.

Multi-Shift Work Schedules

You can’t be at work 24/7, but your business may operate all day and night. That means that you’ll have employees coming and going regularly, and managers may not recognise every employee. Keyless entry helps you identify people who don’t belong in the building while allowing employees a hassle-free way to come and go.

Multi-Location Access

If your business has several locations or several different buildings on one campus, access control can allow workers and managers to travel from location to location or building to building with ease.

Who Provides Commercial Access Control in Australia?

Schools, college campuses, hospitals, government buildings, apartment complexes, and country clubs are just a few of the numerous organisations that can benefit from commercial access control. For some organisations, restricting the public from entering a facility is necessary. You may also need to establish multiple levels of interior access to keep track of who’s allowed to go where. While this would be very difficult or impossible with regular keys, a commercial access system gives you a way to accomplish this easily.

If you’d like to learn more about commercial access systems, contact InnerTelligence. We offer sophisticated solutions for difficult problems using the latest technology and thorough knowledge of the systems and options available. Our certified technicians can work with you to create the personalised solution your business needs. We’ll spend time listening to you and ensuring that we understand how your business operates so that we can deliver a strategic plan that addresses your needs in the most effective way possible. Contact InnerTelligence today for more information.