Commercial Alarm Systems

Protect Your Investment with a Commercial Alarm System

A commercial alarm system designed for your unique location protects your property and provides peace of mind. Our highly skilled team works with you to implement a system to protect your operation, whether it is large or small.

What You Can Expect from InnerTelligence Regarding Commercial Security Systems

At InnerTelligence, we have the creativity, experience, and responsiveness to address your security requirements.

  • We use our creativity to solve security challenges in an industry that is continuously evolving. Our team stays up to date on the latest technology, tools, and techniques to ensure we deliver a solution that meets your operation’s needs.
  • We are an Australian owned and operated company with a global presence. We are a leader in 24/7 gym and member management and have set the benchmark for the industry. Along with our global partners, we work with tailgate detection systems, CCTV, temperature monitoring systems and more.
  • Whether your operation is in Australia, Hong Kong, or the United Kingdom, our technicians are available 24/7 to answer questions or respond to security issues. As well as technical and security response, we are available to conduct inspections of existing or newly installed security systems. We conduct an independent investigation, which ensures smoother hand-over between you and your installer.

What Sets InnerTelligence Apart Regarding Commercial Access Control Systems

Below are just a few of the things that make InnerTelligence different:

  • We design and install commercial keyless entry systems that allow mobile phone access to your property. Over the last few years, RFID technology has become less secure. Linking access to smartphones is more convenient and reliable than using pass cards or key fobs. We carry our phones with us everywhere and are less likely to share them or lose them, unlike other security options. Mobile phone access can be set up to work with multiple doors and different locations. Checks are completed when the phone is within range, so when someone presses the entry button, they gain quick access.
  • We work closely with our clients to design a security solution that meets their requirements. As part of our customer support, we monitor the security industry, watching for trends and new technology, ensuring we can provide the best options for our clients. We have led the industry in 24-hour gym access systems for both unmanned and part-time staffed sites. We recommend mobile phone access for these situations, as member management is quicker and simpler, and members are less likely to give their phone to a friend to access your gym.
  • We can create custom programming to meet specific client security requirements. Our software development team is highly skilled and enjoys finding creative solutions to challenging problems.

The team at InnerTelligence dedicates time and effort to provide our clients with creative, current, and reliable security solutions.

Why Trust InnerTelligence Regarding Commercial Access Control

We are an Australian owned and operated company that enjoys working with operations of all sizes. We have been a leader in the 24-hour fitness facility monitoring industry and provide innovative solutions to our clients. Support is always available, and we frequently communicate with our suppliers to ensure we understand the latest products and have access to their tools and resources.

Contact us to discuss your security challenges.