Owning and running multiple location gyms can be extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. It requires you to work on brand consistency, keep different customers engaged, and manage more staff members. 

Most gym owners struggle to run multiple location gyms. Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know to make managing different gym locations easier for you. 

How To Maintain A Consistent Brand Across Multiple Location Gyms

Maintaining a consistent brand means maintaining your company’s identity. Creating consistency can be an arduous task. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to ensure a consistent brand in all your fitness clubs.

1). Streamlined Communication

When running multiple fitness facilities, it is essential to engage all personal trainers. You should let them know how to run training sessions and make sure they are able to access their particular location safely and easily. This can be done through gym management systems which incorporate numerous functions and centralise your data.

2). Having An Online Community

When you have multiple location gyms, it is easy to lose contact with your customers. The biggest challenges come in getting the customer’s feedback and acting on it accordingly. Having an online community will help you engage customers who use the different gyms. This will also help you to manage your customer’s expectations. 

3). Flexible Schedules

With modern technology, new ideas are constantly coming to the fore. This means that you need to be flexible enough to make quick adjustments. However, any changes suggested by the trainer or customers should go through the business approval procedures to ensure brand consistency.  

How To Manage Staff In More Than One Place

Managing multiple teams requires that you give equal attention to each group. Multiple teams can easily cause a breakdown in spontaneous communication, time delays, and difficulty in supervision. Some ideas that you can use to make managing multiple gym locations easier include:

1). Security

It is important that you have access control systems and CCTV set up in order to ensure the safety and security of your staff and members. This also prevents members from tailgating so that your business doesn’t lose money from unauthorised people entering the premises.

Challenges  Owning Multiple Location Gyms

2). Same Systems And Processes

Include the same standard operating procedures for all locations in your business plan. This means that trainers should have the same personal training, making it easier to shift an employee when needed.  

3). Be Present

As the manager, you need to make time for all gyms. If it is difficult to have physical meetings, you can use any of the different online meeting platforms available. Ensure that the structure you use for meetings remains formal. 

4). Delegation

It isn’t easy to carry out all the management tasks in the fitness industry when you have multiple gyms. Having supervisors who can act on your behalf in every location will significantly make managing your job easier. 

How To Keep Your Customers Engaged And Coming Back 

Customers want to feel understood and assured that their needs will be met. Hence, your interactions with them must be unique, positive, and memorable. Here is how you can keep your customers engaged and ensure that they come back.  

1). Feedback

Be keen to take note of the customer’s feedback. This will help you know what customers like and vice versa. Consider running some surveys to help collect this data.

2). Events

Every fitness business seeks to have its brand improve by gathering ideas during fitness industry events. Events also provide you with a chance to reach potential customers. 

 3). Community Forums

 Community forums bring your customers together. It allows them to share the greatness of your brand. 

4). Company Tour

The greatness of a brand does not solely rely on the product. The people and systems involved with the brand are also great resources. Allowing potential customers to have a look at the inside of your gym can help attract and retain customers.

5). Discounts

Offering discounts and specials on membership is a great way to keep your customers engaged and coming back. Rewarding them for their loyalty through various discounts is always a winner.

It is possible to run multiple gym locations successfully. And utilising reliable gym management software can help you do just that. Gym management software is tailored to help you manage all aspects – big and small – of a fitness business. 

Secure Your Gyms In Different Locations! 

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