What You Need to Know about CCTV Systems and Where to Find Installation for CCTV Cameras in Melbourne

“CCTV” refers to closed-circuit television, which means using a private circuit to transmit video from cameras to recording devices and display monitors that are directly connected. It’s different from broadcast television, which allows any correctly-tuned receiver to pick up the signal and store or display it.

What Is the Purpose of CCTV?

People commonly use CCTV systems in Melbourne and elsewhere as security camera systems. For years, these systems have been used in areas such as government institutions, retail shops, and banks. However, as they become more affordable and more widely available, they become increasingly popular in smaller businesses and even residential homes. You can also find CCTV in Melbourne in public areas such as on streets (to monitor traffic patterns and plan construction projects) and in areas hosting large public events (for added security). It can also be used in stadiums, hotels, and convention centres to broadcast sports events or other events on private television networks throughout the facility. Airports and train stations often use CCTV to protect against terrorism, as well.

CCTV Cameras in Melbourne

You can use virtually any camera that will broadcast a signal in a CCTV system, but high-end surveillance cameras are the most effective and most commonly used option. Certain types of cameras may be controlled remotely for optimal security. The type of lens used in these cameras depends mainly on where the camera is and how you want to use it. For example, although fixed aperture lenses are cost-effective, they are not suitable for changing lighting conditions, as they cannot adjust for lighting (or distance). For outdoor installation, an auto iris lens may be more suitable, because these lenses sense changes in the light conditions and make the appropriate adjustments automatically. You can speak with your installer to learn more about the options available and which ones are right for you.

Hidden Cameras and CCTV Systems

You may integrate hidden cameras into any CCTV network. These cameras give you a way to record criminal behaviour even though the perpetrators may be watching for standard security cameras. Because they are harder to avoid, you may have more success capturing video evidence; however, the fact that they are hidden means they lack the deterrent properties of visible cameras.

Where to Go for CCTV Installation in Melbourne

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