Auto Tracking

Vehicle Auto Tracking System


If your serious about vehicle tracking there is only one choice, The “LMT Series” has all the benefits and in conjunction with our Australia Wide tracking network can supply you with all the vehicle tracking features you require.

Two programmable inputs allow events to be sent to the 24 control room to be actioned or emailed on a report.
Events can include, doors opened, over speed, vehicle started, just about anything you require.

Installing the unit is simple and any auto electrician can install it. Just connect power from the vehicles electrical system along with the colour coded antenna which is included and your ready to go.

Connect to our website and your vehicle is ready to be tracked, Visit the report page for multiple reports that are available.
Journeys are also logged which can be replayed for many months after the trip. These can be played showing the speed, direction and location on a map.

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