There was a time when gyms and fitness clubs were thought to be only for bodybuilders. Times have changed and everyone wants to go to a clean and well-maintained gym these days. However, not everybody has the time to go to a gym during regular hours. This is why 24-hour fitness clubs are becoming more common. 

It is prohibitively expensive to run a 24-hour gym with a substantial number of staff members. This is where gym access control systems are a great solution.

What Is After Hours Gym Access?

Gyms are typically only open for a certain number of hours each day. However, not everyone who wants to go to a gym has the time to visit during those hours. They need to access the gym at a time that is comfortable for them. After Hours gym access is a service offering where members are allowed to access the gym at any time of the day even when the staff isn’t present. 

24-hour gym access is gaining popularity, especially with the increasing consumer awareness about the ill effects of being overweight and the need to look and remain fit, regardless of their age.

How Do After Hours Gym Access System Work?

These systems are designed to provide access to members at any time of the day or night. It gives you complete control over who gets inside and restrict certain areas of the gym to certain members. A variety of gym access systems are available. Some of the commonly used systems include:

  • Biometric-based access
  • Key fob based access
  • Password-based access
  • QR code-based access

These systems provide access control by restricting member entry. Entry is based on the presentation of a token which could be in the form of a password, a key fob, a fingerprint, scanning a QR code or card access. As a gym owner, it gives you a lot of control and gives you access to substantial data that can be used smartly to increase membership and generate more revenue.

Top Benefits After Hours Gym Access

Benefits of After Hours Gym Access

There are a variety of benefits of after-hours gym access including the following:

  • Prevention of gym fraud
  • Limit access to the secure areas
  • Keep it safe and secure for members
  • Actionable data insights
  • 24 hours access
  • Flexibility for members
  • Better value for members
  • Increase in revenue without corresponding increase in costs
  • Helps in attracting new members
  • Keeps overheads fixed 
  • Allows you to offer new membership options

One of the biggest advantages of using an after-hours gym access system is the potential for a substantial increase in revenue. You can get a lot more members by allowing them to access the gym 24 x 7. It also gives you a lot of actionable insights. You can use this data to offer new plans to attract more members to your gym. It also allows you to keep access to certain areas restricted to particular members. Another big advantage is the system’s effectiveness in stopping gym fraud as users won’t be able to share their gym access.

How to Use After Hours Gym Access Control Effectively

While there are substantial benefits of a gym access control system, you also need to know how to use it effectively. One of the biggest advantages is its effectiveness in stopping gym fraud. You can restrict the entry of nonpaying members as everyone needs an authentic token to gain access to the gym. 

You can also stop the entry of people who do not pay. It allows you to restrict entry to certain areas of your facility such as the administrative part of the gym or a part of the gym where construction is taking place.

It also allows you to track attendance and figure out which parts of the gym are more popular and at what times. You can then use this data to offer more fine-tuned plans or membership options. It also saves a lot of time which means you can spend more time on keeping your members happy and on marketing your fitness club.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a gym or fitness club isn’t just a place for competitive bodybuilders. Everybody wants to use a gym but not everybody has the time to use it during regular hours. By using a gym access control system, you provide this option to potential members to access the gym at a time convenient to them. 

It also provides you lot of actionable insights which can be used for introducing new plans and increasing membership of your fitness club while keeping the overheads roughly the same. There are a substantial number of gym access control systems available in the market today. Research various options to choose one that is perfect for you and is more likely to pay off in the long run.

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