The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many establishments and businesses closing down while others started operating remotely. Luckily for gym owners, with the appropriate gym access systems, it is possible to run a gym remotely, allowing you to do away with front desk staff and offer 24/7 gym access. Would you like to access your gym remotely? Innertelligence has the perfect solution for you. Read on to learn more about the benefits of running your gym remotely.

Benefits Of Running Your Gym Remotely

  • Cost-effective: You will cut back on the number of staff you need at the gym as you will be able to operate most things remotely.
  • Online bookings: With a gym access control system, you can easily set an access limitation so that only a specific number of gym members are allowed in your facility at a time. You can regulate the numbers remotely.
  • Better security: An access control system enhances the security for gym members and your facility. It also offers you more control of your gym.
  • Online billing: Remotely running your gym allows you the option of billing gym members online. It also ensures that you bill them appropriately when you re-enable billing details.
  • Convenience: Both you and gym members will enjoy the convenience since you can run your gym from anywhere without needing to be present, and members have door access throughout the day.
  • Up to date data: It can be challenging to keep track of membership cancellations. But with gym management software, you can update membership, follow up on cancellations, and reprocess some cancellations. The software allows you to have real-time data, so you know how many people have signed up for membership.
  • Billing Settings: You can automate the billing feature on your gym management app, so you no longer have to deal with manual billing. This helps to check the settings to ensure the billing configuration is accurate.
  • Makes your work easier: Remotely running your gym is simpler as you can run it from virtually anywhere, and you have full access to everything as all the data is centralised.
  • Session bookings: Members can easily renew or purchase their membership. This makes it easier for members to choose the kind of session they would like at their convenience. You can also have an overview of the peak hours in your facility.
  • Clear pro-rated debt: You get to go over and clear any pro-rated debt if necessary, ensuring that you charge a gym member appropriately.

Access Gym Remotely Top 10 Benefits

How To Run A Gym Remotely With A Gym Management Software

  • Login: Start by logging into your gym management system. You can log in from any device that uses a web-based browser, such as a smartphone, laptop, or PC, if you will be working from home. Luckily, our gym system is fully responsive, meaning you can carry out and complete all tasks from just about any device.
  • Door access: Once you log in, you can grant door access to members. The access control system ensures only members can get into your gym when no one is at the front desk. This also ensures that your gym is secure from unwanted visitors, even when you’re not around.
  • Gym tailgating system: You can employ this only to allow members who have a booking to get into the gym. You can also employ the tailgating system to ensure no member allows unwanted visitors in your facility when staff is not around.

Final Thoughts

Overall, gym management software offers you the solution you need while reducing the amount of administrative work. Your gym can run even when you are not physically present. Think of it as an apple watch, you can have it with you just about anywhere, and you have complete control.

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