Features You Can Expect to Find on the Most Advanced Access Control Security Systems in Brisbane

If you run a small restaurant or shop with just a handful of trusted employees, you might be able to install a sophisticated lock and hand keys to each of your staff members so that they can enter and leave as they please. However, if you run a busy office, industrial environment, or a business that’s open to the public, denying and permitting access to restricted areas becomes less straightforward. Perhaps you’d like to open your gym 24 hours a day but worry about security because you have no employees on the night-shift, or maybe you need to restrict entry-level employees from entering areas where they may find sensitive information.

Fortunately, thanks primarily to the rise of technology, you don’t have to install various locks on different doors so that only authorised personnel can access restricted areas. Also, believe it or not, the most advanced access control systems in Brisbane can help you open your public-facing company 24 hours a day without having to hire employees to work through the night. However, where can you find such a sophisticated solution that won’t let you down? And, who can you trust to complete the installation to the highest industry standards?

InnerTelligence have been providing commercial clients across Australia with the most technologically advanced security systems since 2017, and we only hire the brightest and most experienced minds in the industry to handle the installation. All our employees have been trained to Advanced Insight Technician level or higher, having proven their in-depth knowledge and fine-tuned skills time and again. Below, we take a look at what you can expect from access control systems in Brisbane so that you can decide whether they’re right for you.

Could You Benefit from Security Access Control in Brisbane?

Nowadays, you can place your trust in technology to bolster your company’s security exponentially without ever slowing you down. After installing and configuring our advanced access control solutions, you can give employees one card each that contains their personal information and only grants them entry to the areas you’ve permitted them to enter. If their duties change and they need to access different rooms, you can change the settings on the system quickly so that your workplace can continue running efficiently. However, access control in Brisbane isn’t just to keep your staff in check.

We’ve helped many public-facing businesses, such as a chain of gyms in Australia and New Zealand, who open their doors to customers 24 hours a day without having to employ anybody to work the night shift. Your customers have a card that allows them – and only them – to enter your building and take advantage of your services, and the system itself raises alarms automatically when anything seems amiss. Our systems are so advanced that you only need one to control access to multiple locations, so contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer.

Learn More about Access Control in Brisbane

At InnerTelligence, we’ve been helping companies of various sizes take control of their workplace’s security for ten years by installing the most technologically advanced and robust systems that Brisbane has to offer. If you want to transform your premises into a fortress without diminishing your ability to work efficiently; contact our professionals today to see how we can help you.