Access Control Systems in Sydney

Navigating Your Options for New Access Control Systems in Sydney

When you manage a business or building whose day doesn’t end with the locking of the doors, implementing the right kind of access control systems in Sydney marks the difference between convenient security and frustrating risks. From gyms that offer 24-hour availability to members to office buildings that require security for overall access or only in restricted areas, any access control system in place should be intuitive, easy to use, and hardened for security. At InnerTelligence, we’re proud to provide a dependable resource for acquiring the ideal systems.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Access Control Systems in Australia

The investment you make in access control is one of the most important your business may undertake, particularly if you operate a gym and wish to convert to 24-hour operations. How can you ensure that you receive the maximum amount of functionality for the most reasonable outlay possible? Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Look to implement a system that is “future proof.” In other words, hardware and software designed to last for some time and which can handle growth you may experience later.
  • Partner with a business such as InnerTelligence that can provide valuable insight into system design and how the latest technologies, such as mobile phone-based building access control, can contribute to making your business a safer place.
  • Engage with the design process and ask questions about how your chosen solution can save your business in both the short and the long term. In the case of our innovative phone access systems, you do not have to worry about many of the insecurities inherent in current RFID solutions, such as problems surrounding badge sharing. Better access control often equals better financial outcomes for your enterprise.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Building Access Systems

At InnerTelligence, we are highly adept at access control, but our building security knowledge runs far deeper than that. In fact, we can also ensure you can tap into essential services such as:

  • CCTV installation. Security cameras can provide invaluable coverage, act as an investigative tool when incidents occur, and even serve as a deterrent. Ask about how we can provide clear video coverage throughout your location.
  • Project design and consulting, including the determination of system networking, cabling, power supply, and more. When you require a sitewide security solution, many considerations come into play. Allow us to simplify the process and illuminate a cost-effective way forward.
  • Remote temperature monitoring systems for businesses that use cold storage. For those who must maintain products at precise temperatures or risk spoilage, these systems prove to be highly robust and responsive. Receive immediate alerts when temperatures go out of bounds in your storage spaces.

When Buying Access Control Systems in Melbourne, Consider This

What do you need to know about the actual systems you may choose to purchase? Keep the following things in mind during your considerations:

  • How can you cut down on problematic sharing that allows one member to give non-members access by sharing an RFID access fob? This problem is where our app-based system comes in handy. How many people do you know who would be willing to hand over their smartphone to a friend?
  • How many people is the system designed to support? You should opt for a setup that can handle many concurrent entries and exits without becoming bogged down.
  • Should you pair your access control systems in Brisbane with other security measures, such as CCTV? While our cutting-edge solutions should act to keep out those without authorisation, CCTV solutions and other security systems can supplement your setup and provide important fallbacks for rare occasions when something goes wrong.

About InnerTelligence

An established service provider Australia-wide, InnerTelligence works hard to lead the way in pioneering new solutions for the age of the Internet and in the face of growing needs for greater flexibility. Australia owned and operated, our team of security professionals strives to remain up to date on all the latest developments in our industry so that we may pass on the benefits to you. To explore setting up an access system for your location, learn how to get in touch now.