With a 24-hour economy, there are no stipulated times for people to hit the gym. As every gym and fitness centre will attest, it is common for their members to exercise in the middle of the night. As such, it makes sense to invest in a security system that will allow the usage of the facility 24/7, all the while securing the facility.

24-hour gym access systems are designed to allow the usage of fitness and health facilities at any time of the day. Importantly, these systems are optimised for simplicity without compromising the facility’s security.

What is a Gym Door Entry System?

A gym entry system is a door locking system designed and optimised for use in gyms and fitness centres. Modern cloud-based entry systems combine with other security systems such as video surveillance to provide comprehensive security and monitoring of the facility and control the access to facilities. Additionally, these systems can be used to provide real-time tracking of traffic into the fitness centre, allowing managers to optimise their facilities to meet the needs of their members.

How Do Gym Door Systems Work?

While different entry access systems use different technologies, they fundamentally use similar concepts to control access and provide security. Additionally, most modern gym security systems are designed with the security and convenience of users intertwined.

To access the fitness centre, members use a token to authenticate their identity and access the facilities. This might be a key fob, key card, fingerprint, smartphone app, QR codes on smartphones, etc. When the token input is successful, the member gains access to the facilities.

Benefits of Gym Remote Access Card

  • Control Access To The Gym And Various Parts Of The Gym – Gym owners can use the same remote access cards to control entry to the gym as well as different parts of the gym. Importantly, you can control access without employing personnel to man every entry point.
  • Enhances Gym Security – Aside from availing access to the gym 24/7, remote access door entry systems make it easy to secure your facilities.
  • Avails Multi-Location Capability – With remote access technology, one card, key fob, or smartphone app can be used to gain access to gyms in locations.
  • Low Touch Technology – Most remote access cards are low-touch or even zero-touch access technologies. As such, they reduce the spread of pathogens and germs.

24-Hour Door Entry System Options Gyms

Types of Door Entry Systems 

There are different entry control systems that allow gym members to access the facilities 24/7. Some of the most common systems include:

#1. Key Fob Access System, Bar Code Readers, Membership Card, And Key Card Door Access System – Key cards are not only simple and secure but also cost-effective. The proximity cards provide a high-level convenience to the membership as they open doors without touching surfaces.

#2. Mobile-Based Access System – Mobile-based access control systems are cost-effective solutions perfect for fitness centres with high traffic. This system uses QR codes, mobile apps, and smartwatch apps to open the doors to the fitness facility without the need for access cards that are vulnerable to gym fraud.

#3. Biometric-Based Access System – Biometric door access systems use the members’ unique biometrics to open the gym door. This is the most technologically advanced system on this list, and it’s typically integrated with advanced cloud-based control systems.

#4. Gated Access Systems – Gates have long been used in gyms and fitness clubs as an access control system. Traditionally, fitness centres opted to use transparent gates rather than industrial or office-type doors to control access to the facilities. Gates come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

#5. Hybrid Door Access System – Hybrid door access systems combine a traditional physical security barrier such as a gate with a cloud-based entry control system. Such systems suit gyms that require the use of different credential options such as key fobs and key cards.

Final Thoughts

24-Hour Door Entry System options are plenty and diverse. Gym owners should choose a system that meets their needs, bearing in mind the traffic in their facility, location, and the atmosphere they want to create.

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